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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
Email Me! Copyright Julieann Adolf 1997-2004 . This webpage was put together by a fan, and is not meant to infringe on any copyrights held by Sandy Frank Film Syndication Inc., Saban Entertainment, Hearst Entertainment, Turner Program Services or Tatsunoko Production Co., LTD.

Don't let the name fool you. Discussion on any of the variations of Gatchaman is welcome and encouraged! We welcome on-topic discussions, fanfic, and announcements on 'on-topic' web sites and merchandise sightings.

This is a Restricted Mailer, which means the moderators approve all subscriptions. So, please be patient if you are not subscribed and begin to receive messages immediately. It most likely means that a moderator is not on the computer at that very moment to approve the subscription.

This Mailer is partially moderated. If you respond to and agree with the initial email outlining the List rules, you will be unmoderated, allowing you to post directly to the List without the email first being approved by the List Moderators. The Moderators reserve the right to put anyone back on Moderated status if they feel it is necessary. Yahoo Groups does offer the Moderators of a Mailing List the option to edit emails. Let me assure you that editing the content and meaning of messages is not a policy of the Moderators. The only time I have ever used this feature is to snip out unnecessary quoting.

You will notice a few lines of advertising on the bottom of each message sent to the list. This list is provided by Yahoo Groups free of charge, paid for by the advertisers. Please be assured that all email addresses and information is kept strictly confidential and will not be given to any advertisers.


1. Fanfics. Write to your hearts content! Please put [FFIC] or [FANFIC] in the subject line of the e-mail along with the title of the fanfic. If the rating for the story is rated "R", please announce it on the list, and have those who want to read it send you a private request.

2. Commenting on Fanfics is encouraged. Be specific! Don't just say "I love it". Instead, say, "I love it because...." We all love to hear input.

3. Ask questions, even if you feel they are silly! That's what this list is for, to help others and to have interesting discussions. Who knows how big of a discussion your question might inspire.

4. Respond to subjects. Even if you don't view yourself as very knowledgeable about the subject. Give your own personal opinion.

5. Announcements concerning merchandise sightings, web page updates or 'related' sightings.


1. No attachments are allowed to be sent to the Mailing List! Please use the "Files" area to upload any attachments and then announce to the list where the other subscribers can go to get it.

2. Flame wars will not be tolerated. If I feel things are getting out of hand, I will give a warning to those involved to take the argument to private e-mail. Anyone purposely inciting a flame war will be put on Moderated status, and if problems persist, will be banned. Please keep this list friendly!

3. Don't send messages written completely in capital letters. In e-mail, this is viewed as 'yelling'. Plus, it is tiring on the eyes to read.

4. Please, when replying to emails, snip out any unnecessary portions of the previous post! Many people use the digest option for recieving messages from the Mailer, and some of the posts become way too long!

4. Excessive profanity. The english language is more than descriptive enough to make a point without resorting to profanity. This Mailing List is rated for underage children. Please keep that in mind. This does not mean that one or two words will get you a warning, or that it is not allowed in fanfic. I'm talking about every-other word kind of profanity.

5. "Me too" posts. Remember, every e-mail takes up bandwidth, hard drive space and takes time to download. We encourage involvement, but please say something a little more than just "Me Too!".

6. Do not post virus warnings, chain-emails, money making schemes, or 'pyramid schemes'. Most of the virus warnings are hoaxes, and the rest of us read the official warnings at Symantec ( )


The Community Area can be accessed by a browser. Simply go to and sign in with your email address and password (for those who have cookie-enabled browsers, Yahoo will automatically recognize you. Simply click on "My Groups") Then click on "BotP". Along the left-hand edge of the browser window you will see many options for the Community.

The Community Area provides a place to view archived messages, post messages to the Mailer from within your web browser, view 'on-topic' bookmarks, calendar of events, participate in active surveys, and upload and download small files. It is available only to subscribers of the BotP Mailing List.

Please do not abuse the uploading and downloading privileges, or member access may have to be reviewed. Items appropriate for upload: fanfics, small graphics, and icons. Items will be kept in the Members Area as long as there is room.

If anyone has any other questions, please forward them to and I will try to answer them as soon as I can. Thank you.

"How do I sign up?" You say? Glad you asked!

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