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Center Neptune

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A facility located 900 fathoms under the ocean, hidden beneath an island, located somewhere off the west coast of the United States ("Attack of the Space Terrapin"). It is the headquarters for G-Force and center for Galaxy Security, with 7-Zark-7 in it's nerve center overseeing the Early Warning Defense System of the galaxy. Other people have studied at Center Neptune with G-Force, giving rise to the idea that it is also a science center (Donald Wade of "G-Force Defector", and Abura of "Demons of the Desert"). There is a docking bay for the Phoenix and the facilities to repair and build a Phoenix from scratch ("Defector to Spectra", "Raid of the Space Octopus", "The Sea Dragon"). It also has as a 'ready room' for the team, and training facilities ("Decoys of Doom"). There are facilities to process Vitalumous, a substance that is used in reviving exhausted soil, that is exported to other planets in the Intergalactic Federation ("Attack of the Space Terrapin"). It is protected by the Red Mist missile system ("Island of Fear"), and in "The Musical Mummy" plans were being made to install a Forcefield around it.