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Chief Anderson

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No first name is given. His full title is Security Chief Anderson and is in charge of Security for Galaxy Security for the Intergalactic Federation of Planets (what a tongue-twister!). He has an extensive knowledge of several sciences and politics of not only Earth nations, but also that of other planets. He seems to know a little bit about everything ("The Fierce Flowers", "Bat-Ray Bombers").

He is also in charge of G-Force. From all indications, Chief Anderson was there at the very beginning, and formed the team of G-Force himself. His relationship with the G-Force team is a complex one. Part boss, part father figure, part friend. Colonol Cronos gave Mark to Chief Anderson to take care of when Colonol Cronos went off to find out about and to stop the V-2 project on Riga. As for the others on the team, its unclear how they were found and brought in to become a part of the team.