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Battle of the Planets Staff List

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Normal Credits

Executive Producer
Jameson Brewer


David E. Hanson

Written By

Jameson Brewer
Peter B. Germano
Jace Paritz
Helen Sosin
Richard Shaw
Howard Post
William Bloom
Harry Winkler
Muriel Germano
Kevin Coates
Sid Morse


Alan Young as 7-Zark-7
Keye Luke
Ronnie Schell
Janet Waldo
Casey Kasem
Alan Dinehart

Music Composed and Conducted By

Hoyt S. Curtin

Music Supervisor

Igo Kantor

Supervising Editor

Franklin Cofod

Voice Director

Alan Dinehart

Creative Consultant

David Levy

Standards and Practices

Winifred Treimer

Program Consultants

Leonard Reeg
George Serban, M.D.

Production Manager

Emil Carle

Animation Supervisor

Harold Johns

Assistant Voice Director

Alan Dinehart, Jr.

Produced By Gallerie International Films, LTD.
In Association with Sandy Frank Film Syndication, Inc.

Copyright 1978, Sandy Frank Film Syndication, Inc., All Rights Reserved
Worldwide Distribution By - Sandy Frank Film Syndication, Inc.
Produced in Association with Tatsunoko Production Co., LTD.

Not Credited Voice Staff Roles

Announcer - William Woodson

Mark - Casey Kasem

Jason - Ronnie Schell

Princess - Janet Waldo

Keyop - Alan Young

Tiny Harper - Alan Dinehart

Security Chief Anderson - Alan Dinehart

Zoltar - Keye Luke

7-Zark-7 - Alan Young

Col. Cronus - Keye Luke

The Spirit - Keye Luke

President Kane - Alan Dinehart

Susan - Janet Waldo

Miscellaneous voices - David Joliffe and

Alan Oppenheimer