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Colonel Cronus

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Once a test pilot working for Chief Anderson, he was sent to Riga to either steal the X-3 missile plans or destroy them (also known as V-2 project). Because of the worry that harm may come to his family because of his work, he gave Mark to Chief Anderson, faked a death in a plane accident, changed his name and became Defense Commander of Riga, the leader of a group called the Red Rangers. He is completely committed to his mission.

He is friends with Mark, but does not let his son know who he really is. In "Peaks of Planet Odin" he is looking for his wife and son 'Timmy', who he is sure has been kidnapped by the Chief of Police, whom is working with Zoltar (sounds like Mark has a stepmother and half brother!). Not long after "Peaks of Odin", Cronus risks his life piloting a missile in hopes of pushing back the Earth's Van Allen Belts, just after revealing to Mark that yes, he is his father ("The Sky is Falling"). At the end of the episode Zark informs Mark that Cronus escaped the missile at the last moment and was headed back to Riga in an escape pod. The very next episode Mark gets the news that Cronus was killed in his sleep by a Spectra operative named Gartz when Spectra invaded Riga ("Raid of the Red Scorpion"). Not long after that Riga is attacked by Spectra and completely devastated. Zoltar then tries to trick Mark by pretending to be Cronus ("Attack of the Alien Wasp").

Cronos PlaneCronos Plane