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#1: Attack of the Space Terrapin

The first episode of BotP. For the 3rd time, Spectra attacks Earth, heading for the storage area for the valuable Vitaluman. G-Force goes out to meet them with Zark watching protectively over them.

#2: Rescue of the Astronauts

While returning from a mission to do an electronic survey of Mars, 2 astronauts are kidnapped by Spectra agents. Its up to G-Force to get them back and retrieve the valuable information from the Mars mission.

#3: The Space Mummy

Zark discovers a new planet and names it Zarcadia (how nice of him). G-Force is sent to help solve a mystery concerning planes dissapearing while on planetary re-entry. Then a strange huge mummy is seen by Mark, and the excitement starts.

#4: The Space Serpent

A serpent is attacking oil refineries. After her father is killed in one of the earthquakes, Debbie Harland blames Mark for not being able to help him. Mark then needs to balance helping Debbie with saving other refineries.

#5: Ghost Ship of Planet Mir

Brok, a disposed leader of Mir, joins up with Zoltar to get the planet back. G-Force gets called out from vacation to stop them from destroying an important underwater base. During the final battle, 3 strange fighters show up and save G-Force's lives.

#6 Big Robot Gold Grab

Bars of gold are stolen from the Intergalactic Federation, and G-Force is sent out to get it back. While searching one of the islands where the gold might be hidden, Mark, Princess and Keyop are captured and taken to a secret Spectra base.