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Episode Descriptions 58-63

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#58: Peril In the Pyramids

Alpha 3, located at the edge of the galaxy, is a penal planet where criminals and their families were sent to start anew. Earth is but a legend. The Temple of Ammon-Ra has disappeared from Earth and appeared on Alpha 3, and G-Force is sent to investigate.

While there, a woman mistakes Keyop as her son, Ali. Keyop remembers he was manufactured. She tells him the temple just appeared and that people leave it alone, thinking there is a curse on it. Keyop sneaks out in the middle of the night to investigate the Temple. He finds that the Temple is hiding a Seminite (metal ore) mining operation under it. The woman follows him and is captured.

Mom follows and is captured. Keyop is able to escape and join back up with the team, who then have the task of saving the woman and the slave workers. In the fight, the self-destruct is accidently pulled. The villagers are able to get out before the Temple is destroyed, but the woman is convinced her little Ali was still inside. Still in uniform, Keyop is unable to say anything.

#59: Rage of the Robotoids

Jason rescues a girl in a cab who is attacked by strange robotic manniquins. Upset that Mark doesn't trust the girl, Jason goes to talk with her, only to find Mark may be right. As a series of attacks terrorize the city, G-Force split up and head into the city to try and track down the attackers and stop them. Matters are made worse as one by one, the members of G-Force start disappearing...

#60: The Alien Bigfoot

Spectra is using Bigfoot to keep people from getting too close to their latest base in Tibet. They are working on the "Inter-Frequency Disruptor", which affects ships guidance systems, causing them to crash. Keyop takes off for Tibet on his own and is captured by Spectra. He must lead G-Force to the Spectra base and escape before it's destroyed by G-Force. Zoltar is unmasked in this episode! Remember all that blonde hair???

#61: Invasion of the Locusts

In Spectra's latest attack, they send locusts to devour Earth's food supplies. Professor Chambers contacts G-Force and they send Keyop back with him to South America. They are attacked by the locusts and forced to crash land in the Amazon. G-Force must rescue them and stop the Giant Locust from destroying the Earth.

#62: Space Safari

G-Force shoots down Zoltar. He escapes his ship and the team chases Zoltar thru the forests of Planet Lukadia. Zoltar has the entire forest rigged with traps. Can the G-Force team stay alive, track down Zoltar, and stop Spectra?

#63: Museum of Mystery

Princess has lost her shoe and cannot transmute. Upset and at a loss on how she can now be apart of the team, or any help at all, she enters a contest to be a spokesperson for a major company, and inadvertantly is captured by Spectra. Can she escape, or can the rest of G-Force rescue her in time before her secret identity is found out?