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Episode Descriptions 64-69

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#64: Peril of the Preying Mantis

#65: The Awesome Ray Force

#66: The Duplicate King

Spectra targets one of the richest countries on Earth, the small country of Beldania. G-Force is dispacted out to talk and protect the monarch, but right from the start things seem wrong. Sneaking into the palace at night, to avoid detection, they find the palace bobby-trapped and full of dangers. When they finally find the monarch, they find an imposter in his place. Can G-Force escape a palace full of people determined to kill them, and avoid the traps at the same time? And what of the Monarch?

#67: Defector To Spectra








#68: Panic of the Peacock

G-Force is sent to India, the site of Spectra's latest attack. Zoltar has installed their new "Brain Warp Device" in robot peacocks. They use the Brain Warp device on the tourists, who turn into a mob and attack the Govenor's Palace. G-Force investigates and Mark and Keyop are attacked ! Mark is captured by Spectra. Can he escape before the Phoenix destroys the Peacock Mech?


#69: Mission to Inner Space

At a complex that mines and produces nuclear products for civilian and military use, a disaster happens. Spectra attacks and an explosive mining bit is seperated and falls down the shaft. If it hits magma, it will cause a devistating earthquake. Chief Anderson calls in a specialist, Dr. Kerog, to help in this mission. He immediately gets on the wrong side of G-Force, as do G-Force in misidentifying Dr. Kelog's pet chimpanze, Cindy. Tensions continue as the group heads down into 'inner space', into the Earth itself, and Spectra shows up again. As G-Force works to avoid and stop the Spectra Mecha, even as they try to get to the explosive in time. Complicating matters are concerns on where Dr. Kelog's loyalties lay.