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#7: Ace From Outer Space

Out of all the pilots in the Federation, Mark has been selected to test the Space Patol Scout (XF-97) , to be used in Galactic Security. In the midst of the flight he is attacked and downed by Captian Doom from planet Ergos, who is a space pirate. Mark ejects to safety while Doom attacks the airshow uses a laser whip. The Phoenix is forced to land after its rudder is destroyed. From the rudder of the Phoenix, a sample of the metal from the whip is found, but Center Neptune scientists donŐt know what it is. The team heads to Ergos to search for the source of the metal before other weapons constructed with it can be used by the Space Pirate.

#8: Fearful Sea Anemone


#9: Jupiter Moon Menace

Commander Typhon from planet Scorpius is an exile who wants ZoltarŐs help in defeating his rival opponants on his planet In exchange Typhon gives Zoltar a new weapon, the Scorpion, that creates meteor showers. In hopes of averting the destruction of Capital City, G-Force heads for the Jupiter moon of Callisto. The Scorpion then heads for Earth, before the team can destroy it. Finding a submarine at the bottom of the ocean that is controlling the Scorpion and asteroid showers. Typhon escapes the submarine, trapping G-Force inside.

#10: A Swarm of Robot Ants

After the city is blacked out, G-Force heads out to find out why. They find a swarm of ants attcking the Solar Fusion Plant. After flooding the ants away from the complex, they find the remants of one, finding that they are tiny robots. From the construction, Center Neptune scientists ascertain that the threat this time is not Spectra, but Tromulous. The team heads out to stop this lates threat.

Once on Tromulous, they set down the robot ant and follow it to its home. They come to a giant ant hill, and before they can make a plan, the sand opens up under their feet.They find themselves captured by Commandeer Antof who has struck a bargain with Zoltar giving him Earth if he kills G-Force. Keyop sets chargesto the bubble that entraps the team, enabling them to get out. out of a giant cocoon a queen robot ant hatches.and heads for Earth.

#11: Space Rocket Escort

G-Force is given the job to escort a new plane, called the FY-9, to the planet Riga. Unbeknownst to the team, the planes real crew have been replaced by Spectra agents. In space, plane changes course and heads for Spectra.The FY-9 aims its missiles as Riga fighter planes show up, who immediately attack FY-9. Mark recognizes Cronos, goes out into his plane and gives chase. Mark finally notices they are not on Riga, and thinks Cronos has sold out to Spectra. Really at Omeg 2, an uninhabited planet in the Crab Nebula under Spectra control.

Meanwhile, the Turbo jets on the Phoenix lose power (under FY-9 tractor beam), and is pulled into a volcano.

Cronos lands, and Mark finds out Cronos knew FY-9 was hijacked and would rather destroy it than let it fall in Spectra hands. Together they head for the Specta base to save the team, and hopefully the FY-9.

#12: Beast With A Sweet Tooth

A sugar cane field in the Dominica Republic (sector V5) is attacked by a giant beetle that eats all the sugar cane. G-Force isd called in for a briefing and told that there is another Spectra base on Earth. Chief Anderson gives orders for the beetle followed to find that new secret base. When the beetle is found, Mark, Jason, and Tiny infiltrate it. Princess and Keyop stay in the Phoenix and follow the beetle. Mark, Jason and Tiny fall into several traps, just barely escaping.With the Phoenix hiding under its wing, the Beetle drops into its base. Princess and Keyop decide they need to rescue the others. With the other 3 rapped in a centerfuge, Keyop arrives in time to sabatoge the power generator. Zoltar promises the team safe passage to Spectra if they give up. G-Force say no, and form the Whirlwind Pyramid,