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#13: Perilous Pleasure Cruise

Zark is busy with Space Traffic Control due to the breakthrough of the "T" Principal in Jet Propulsion.

Meanwhile, Spectra launches a ship that lands in North Pacific. The Oceanliner Starfire is sailing nearby with a Professor Wilde (expert in cell renewal) on board. With him is his granddaughter Angie who’s mother just died. A snow storm blows in, and an iceburg appears along with a giant walrus that has a freezing breath.

G-Force called out since no one believes the ship sank due to an iceburg in the day and age of computerized scanners, especially that far south.

Professor Wilde is of Galactic importanceand he thinks he's been brought to a secret Earth Base. Angie finds out her mother was his lab assistant and died in a lab accident.

The Phoenix lands and Mark and Princess fly down into the base, while the Phoenix leaves. Professor Wilde was on the verge of a breakthru in genetic engineering, organ regeneration, which could regrow an arm, leg or heart. Forcing the secret of this formula out of the Professor, Spectra plans on using it on his granddaughter even though they had promised him they would not.

Mark and Princess arrives just in time to rescue them, but are unable to stop Zoltar from escaping with the formul (who hopes it will enable him to live forever)a or to save the Professor. Rescuing the rest of the oceanliner passengers, the base collapses. Zoltar sends the Walrus after the Phoenix.

In the end Zark says the formula has a flaw, and will not be of any use to Zoltar.

#14: The Thing With 1,000 Eyes

The planet Riga has been undergoing rehabilitation with the help of Earth. Chief Anderson had sent a recon unit to investigate what has going wrong. They find the city is empty and the Federation workforce, that arrived a week ago, gone. Scanners on the helicopter show people are hiding. Chief Anderson reminds them that they are not a fighting unit. The pilot decides to go down for a closer look anyway, and is shot down.

Riga is known to be a Spectra outpost for raw material. The Phoenix is fitted with an anitmatter protective coating to protect them from poisonous gasses. G-Force goes to Riga’s capital city with the help of the new Time Bypass Converter, which enables travel to Riga in an hour. Riga was once beautiful and rich, now in ruins.

G-Force launches from the city when they see guns pointing at them. The Great Spirit tells Zoltar to chastise those who showed their faces to G-Force. Glad the underwater breeding tanks were not harmed (city base is no longer useful). The creature created there is to be used to take over the rest of Riga, and then Earth.

G-Force is able to find the new Spectra Base and destroy it, but not the Creature. The Creature is able to eat through the Phoenix's protective coating, and G-Force barely escapes. Follow them into air, the Creatures uses solar energy and gives off a dangerous gas.

G-Force finds that the Creature is invincible in water, feeds and thrives on the pollution present in the Rigan ocean. Only vunerable in air. To destroy it they need to inject high pressure oxygen and then set it off with a powerful charge, which only the Phoenix is capable. Riga pilots help out in the operation, launching the special bomb, with Phoenix standing by to fly through it in Fiery Phoenix Mode at just the right time.

#15: Microfilm Mystery

Zark’s new assistant, called Metamorphosis 1, is being built. It will be in charge of all Center Neptune computers and will report to Zark.

The Great Spirit wants Metamorphosis 1, since it holds in it microfilm of all of Center Neptune computers. Zoltar activates the “Computer Displacement”, that affects robots on Earth, causes them to attack their own factory. Zoltar gets the microfilm, plans on reprogramming Center Neptunes computers.

G-Force called out and follows but find their computers on the Phoenix jammed. Keyop follows Zoltar while the others head back to Center Neptune for computer repairs.Metamorphosis 1 is ruined after Zoltar used it to reprogram his own mecha.

Keyop catches up with Zoltar. Zoltars Mecha is back at the Computer Labs where he is stealing spare computer boards for creating more Metamorphosis’s. Keyop sets out powder in Spectra Base and then runs, finding the missing microfilm on his way. He gets back to Center Neptune, exhausted.

Chief Anderson develops a new cassette to stop Metamorphosis. Mark gets into the mecha while its changing shape. After a fight with Zoltar he is able to put in the cassette. Unfortunately Zoltar escapes. Mark puts the mecha in an amusement park, shaping it like a ferris wheel.

#16: The Alien Beetles

Spectra sends their latest Mecha to Earth-the Beetles! The Beetles are powered by human life energy and 4 boys (one is Keyop! ), are captured by Spectra to power the Mechas. G-Force must find a way to rescue Keyop and the others and stop the Beetles before Earth is destroyed!

#17: A Whale Joins G-Force

Spectra sends a mechanical whale to Earth. The Mecha attacks Bay City and G-Force goes after it. The Team interrupts the Spectra ship as it attacks some whales and Keyop promptly adopts a baby whale that survived. G-Force must locate the Spectra base and stop Zoltar before he destroys all of Earth's whales!

#18: Mad New Ruler of Spectra

Professor Doriarity is recruited by Spectra to make a robot horse army. The Great Spirit makes the Professor the new Ruler of Spectra in exchange for the army and G-Force goes to Spectra to stop him. They arrive to find that Spectra has turned on the Professor and they must now rescue the Professor and stop the robot horse army.