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Episode Descriptions 19-24

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#19: The Sea Dragon

Spectra attacks the new defense base on planet Aquatica. They capture the base using their new Mecha -the Sea Dragon. Chief Anderson sends the team to Aquatica to reclaim the base and destroy the Sea Dragon!

#20: Magnetic Attraction

Spectra attacks the Earth with a giant bowling ball Mecha. G-Force is sent to hunt it down and destroy it. None of their weapons are effective, and Mark must come up with a plan to trap and destroy the Mecha.

#21: The Musical Mummy

Susan calls Zark telling him an object has landed on Earth in the general locastion of the Intergalactic Research Laboratory.Soon, several scientists disappear.

Chief Anderson says 3 of their top scientists have vanished in the last few hours. G-Force is given the mission to make sure what scientist are still with them, stay with them.

Mark watches Professor Walter Lambert, inventor of the Electrodynamic Forcefield. While on a meeting with someone from Center Neptune about forcefields, a group of Hawks (Spectra Special Forces) break in through a window. Mark transmutes, and gives chase. He loses them in a smoke screen near the amusement park.

That night Princess and Keyop are on her bike following the car of yet another scientist. They hear strange music, and then find a Giant standing in the road. Princess gets between it and car, enabling the car to escape. Princess and Keyop are attacked,try to make a run for it, and are forced over the steep bank, knocking them both out.

Mark figures all this has something to do with the amusement park. They wait till night, and wander the park. Mark notices Keyop canŐt stay away from the music oif the flute player (seems hypnotic). Mark tails the flute player while the others split up. Staying at the park after is closes, Keyop is nearly killed by the octopus ride, which then takes a swipe at Princess.

The flute player is Zoltar. He plays the flute and and the Giant at the entrance of the park comes alive.He had itt go after Chief Anderson. Tiny and Jason rush to protect him while the Hawks attack Mark.

The Giant reaches Chief Andersons building and reaches in through the window. Tiny and Jason crash car into foot, but doesnŐt affect it.

Keyop and Princess arrive to help Mark, and Keyop gets the flute, Mark tells him to play anything. Zoltar offers to make him a rich man, Mark says not to listen, Keyop starts having fun playing it. The Giant goes wild, explodes, as does the control chair Zoltar had been sitting in. Zoltar escapes and Chief Anderson is safe.

#22: The Fiery Lava Giant

On a colonized asteroid called Space Island, that has a volcanic core, it is hoped to make it a refueling spot for space flight. Monument Mountian, with the faces of some of the discoverers of Space Island, is being worked on by Amelia, who has taken over to finish her fathers work. She notices strange new cracks in the mountian.

Zoltar wants the asteroid as a way-point for their attacks in the galaxy, and he attacks the Geothermal plant with his Lava Giant. Jason wonders if Amelia is a spy for Spectra. Princess is an old friend and defends her. They decide to go and question her. Mark and Jason swoop down and snag her from off the face of the mountian and into a cave near one of the faces. Amelia gets mad at Jason. As they walk back into a tunnel they find where the Giant is formed. Tiny is able to fly in and get them. They are able to trick the Lava Giant into the ocean, where is shock-cools and crumbles apart.

With part of the mountian destroyed, Amelia has to start over on the faces.

#23: The Bat-Ray Bombers

During a mission, Tiny is called while in the Phoenix, but he is asleep. A UFO attacks and sinks a ship. In Chief Andersons office, Mark says he had been trying to call Tiny for 20 minutes, thought something had happened to him. Tiny ends up being suspended from G-Force. Tiny takes a train back home to his village and meets old friends Cap and Tommy.

Chief Anderson has analyzed fragments and water around the sunken ships, and finds only one common denominator, a trace element found only on Spectra.

Tiny and Tommy go diving and see a Bat-Ray. Tiny gets him to promise not to say anything. Chief Anderson arrives in village with G-Force. Tiny turns away when he sees them, Mark follows him into a shack and is rebuffed and Tiny leaves. Mark gets Tommy to tell him where heŐs going.

Tiny is determined to handle the mission on his own. Mark follows, gets into base and nearly sucked down the drainage tubes.He transmutes, gets on top of a moving car. Tiny has already been caught by Spectra. Mark is knocked out with gas.

Jason is piloting the Phoenix, and not real good at it. They see Tommy in a boat and Princess brings him on board. Tommy tells Chief Anderson that he doesnŐt know where they are.

Tiny is in a cell, plays afraid to lure in the Spectra guards, and takes care of them typical G-Force fashion. Zoltar is congratulating Golog on capturing the Commander of G-Force. Golog asks if he should question him, but is told that is a delight Zoltar has reserved for himself. Hopes heŐs not too eager to talk, it will be a pleasure to convince him. The info he holds will make the invasion of Earth much easier.

The cage holding Mark starts moving, and Tiny arrives and tries to stop it, while Spectra Goons try to stop Tiny. A goon goes flying and lands on the cage release. Tiny tells Mark to do what he has to do. Water hatches open up and water pours into the base. Mark calls Chief Anderson and tells him they are not going to make it out. Chief Anderson and G-Force see the bubblesonthe surface of the ocean.They head the Phoenix down but find the opening in front of the Spectra base too small to get through. Keyop uses his Widget (Starbuggy) to go in after them.Tiny and Mark make up and Keyop gets to them just as their air pocket disappears.

Tommy told he can be a G-Forcer when he grows up and Tiny is given his bracelet back.

#24: Race Against Disaster

Jason is known as one of the best drivers on the planet, and is competing in an interplanetary race starting in Egypt and ending in South Africa. Each car has 2 drivers, and Jason partners up with an old friend, Lucy. The rest of G-Force watches out to see that Spectra doesn't interfeer.

Animals galore attack the couple, each turning out to be robots. Lucy pulls out a gun and impresses Jason with her aim.

Meanwhile, G-Force sees a strange van near a checkpoint. Mark and Princess attack them before they can attack Jason. The Great Spirit orders their double agent (Lucy) destroyed since it seems sheŐs betrayed them. Zoltar says he will transmit the instruction to their master computer.

Lucy and Jason win the race and set a record for the African 9000. Going to dinner, Jason says heŐs going to ask for her for next years race. He tells her he had guessed she was a Spectra agent, but figured she quit during the race.

While trying to tell him the truth, that she was a robot herself, which Jason refused to believe, she gets out the word "RememberÓ, runs out of the room and through a wall of the building, destroying herself in the fall.