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#25: The Ghostly Grasshopper

#26: The Galaxy Girls

G-Force is headed for their mountian retreat headquarters for a few days. Jason is driving Chief Anderson when they are attacked by a strange car and a woman wearing a mask. Only Jason's skill, and a hidden capability of the car they are riding in save their lives.

Zoltars sister Mala is put in charge of sabatoging the Solar Express, the first monorail to cirlce the globe. Mala pretends to be with Public Relations as Marla Latras, in order to ride on board with Chief Anderson, who is accompanied by Mark. It soon becomes apparent Mala has more in mind than to destroy the Solar Express, but also plans on eliminating Chief Anderson himself!

#27: Curse of the Cuttlefish,Part I

G-Force, after hearing of an impending Spectra attack, turns the tables and attacks Spectra first and attacks a key Spectra secret defense base for Zoltars army.

The Great Spirit rages that he wants all of G-force dead. Zoltar is ordered to attack Aucturus, where the Conway Tapes are.

Chief Anderson figures Zoltar knows that the Conway Tapes had been transfered from Center Neptune to Acturus, but also thinks he's up to something else. The team is ordered to go to the planet incognito.

The Pheonix arrrives just in time to see a giant Cuttlefish attacking the Aucturus armies. The Cuttlefish heads into the oceans with the Phoenix in close pursuit, and disappears in a spray of ink.

With Zoltar threatening he’ll start destroying the planets cities one by one, G-Force goes into city in civilian clothes. Mark takes Princess and Keyops bracelets, says they would be dead giveaways to Spectra. Tiny goes back to the Phoenix, Mark and Jason go to waterfront, and Princess and Keyop head into the city, with orders to meet back at sundown.

Zoltar uses one of his best agents, S-9, to contact and use the local spies. At first the men are horrified at the prospect of working under her, but she ignores them. Orders them to infiltrate government buildings and relay all info through her.

While in the city, a child runs up to Keyop and Princess, says a man gave him money to get lost, and that they were attacking a woman. Princess and Keyop rush to rescue her.They help the strange woman (S-9!)to her home, and she invites them to dinner. Princess notices that the womans leg isn't hurt like she was claiming.

Keyop chows down and the woman leaves for a moment. S-9 watches on a hidden camera while Keyop gets sleepy and collapses on the table. Princess eyes her drink and fakes drinking it, pretending to collapse into sleep as well.

The team joines back up at the waterfront, minus Princess and Keyop. Worried as to what might have happened to them, they split up to search.

Men come into the diningroom to tie Princess and Keyop up while they are asleep, but Princess surprises them and fights back. It comes to an end when S-9 comes into the room with a gun, accusing them of being members of G-Force. Despite their protests, she plans on using them as bait for the others.

#28: Curse of the Cuttlefish,Part II

Zoltar gives citizens warning to get out of the way, then starts destroying the city, saying he will only stop when he has the Conway Tapes. Marks says they can’t attack because for all they know Princess and Keyop are inside. Chief Anderson gets a call from Aucturus, asking for help. People hide in the ruins while Zoltar proclaims the planet Spectra's.

Keyop and Princess are still in the cell, unable to get out. S-9 come in, says this is the end of the line, Zoltar has given orders for them to be killed. Princess and Keyop still deny being on the team. One of the men stops S-9, says come look at the monitor. Monitor shows the inside of the Phoenix with all 5. S-9 is flabergasted.

After they cut the transmission, Mark figures they’ve only bought Princess and Keyop a little extra time. Orders everyone to look in every street and alley for them. Some time latery, they meet at a bridge, throughly depressed, Mark feeling guilty about asking them to give up their bracelets.

Tiny calls from the Phoenix, says he’s located the Cuttlefish base with an old castle above. Princess and Keyop were not in the castle, figures they’ve been transferred to the Cuttlefish. Mark decides to get into the Cuttlefish, and Jason joins him.

Zoltar has found out that the Conway Tapes are in the Federation Building. In a hurry to get them, he takes the entire building.

Get in through tentacle. Conway Tapes are in the Federation building. Zoltar takes entire building.

Inside, Mark and Jason find Keyop and Princess tied up in coffins. Mark gladly gives them back their bracelets, and Princess plants a bomb before they leave.

The bomb goes off and Zoltar orders them to base for repairs. Mark taunts him, telling Zoltar that the Conway tapes are back at Center Neptune. Once again, the Phoenix chases the Cuttlefish underwater, where a missile from the Phoenix finally finds its mark. Zoltar and S-9 are able to escape, but the Great Spirit is furious with Zoltar.

#29: Demons of the Desert

#30: Siege of the Squids