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Episode Descriptions 39-45

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#39: Giant Gila Monster

Zeno, the Zenobian has escaped from the Institute and G-Force is sent to help the Federation recapture him. Mark goes undercover while the rest of the team remains in orbit in the Phoenix. Zeno finds Mark at an airfield and kidnaps him at gunpoint forcing Mark to steal a plane and fly him to a specific destination. The plane malfunctions before they arrive and Zeno bails out, while Mark makes an emergency landing. Mark then goes after Zeno. Zeno, meanwhile has been discovered by Spectra and is being chased. Mark arrives just in time to get caught with Zeno. The Spectra Commander ties them up and puts them down a well to convince them to talk. Mark escapes and frees Zeno, then goes after the Spectra soldiers. He blows up the building the soldiers were in, driving them back into their Mecha. Mark carries Zeno up the cliff trying to escape. Zeno tells him it is of no use, he is dying and had only wanted to go home. The Mecha follows Mark and Zeno up the cliff and Zeno sacrifices himself to destroy the Spectra Gila Monster.

#40: The Capture of the Galaxy Code

#41: Raid On A Nearby Planet

Planet Vega is attacked by Spectra's Space Ray Machine and most of their vital installations are destroyed. G-Force is sent to Vega to track down the Ray Machine and follow it back to the base. They must infiltrate and destroy the base and the Space Ray Machine to keep Spectra from capturing Vega!

#42: Keyop Does It All

#43:Peaks of Planet Odin

#44: The Sky Is Falling, Part I

#45: The Sky Is Falling, Part II