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Episode Descriptions 52-57

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#52: Attack of the Alien Wasp

#53: Decoys of Doom

Humanoid decoys of the G-Force team are created to be used as bait in a trap for Spectra. The "real" Mark swaps places with his decoy and is captured by Spectra. Mark must signal the team and lead G-Force to the Spectra base. Can he escape and help the team destroy Spectra's latest Mech?


#54: Zoltar Strikes Out

#55: The Great Brain Robbery

Spectra attacks the Artificial Brain Center on Earth and steals a top-secret "Brain of Evil". The Team tracks down the stolen brain, only to be attacked by the Brain Mecha and then Spectra Pirates! Stalemate- G-Force returns with a piece of the Mecha to Center Neptune, and then attends the Annual Robot Show the next day, just in time to watch Spectra steal the new "Fembot" to use as a body for the Brain of Evil. Mark sneaks into the Spectra base while the rest of the team goes after the Brain Mecha. Can the Team stop this latest plot?

#56: Raid of the Space Octopus

#57: Silent City

This episode takes place on planet Exor. One of their island cities is surrounded by an impenetrable wall of radiation created by a Spectra bombing attack. Chief Anderson believes the city is a Spectra base and sends G-Force to check it out. The team goes into the city, but they are only able to withstand the radiation for one hour. They are attacked by a Spectra Mecha once they are inside the city. Can G-Force escape the Mecha and solve Spectra's latest plot before their time runs out?