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ATTENTION FANS - Commercial DVD, VHS, Comic Book and other releases are now available all over the world. Check it out!
NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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Where can I find tapes of all the episodes?

Check out the news on the Galaxy Security page! To sum up quickly, BotP is now available commercially! These are licensed and approved by Sandy Frank. Please support the releases, not video pirates (such as on Ebay)!

Where can I find BotP merchandise?

Check out the news on the Galaxy Security page for new merchandise!

BotP merchandise from the late 1970's and early 80's is not easy to find, but it is out there. I have personally seen decent priced stuff scattered at Comic conventions. You may also want to try Sci-Fi conventions. Merchandise also shows up from time to time at various internet auction sites, like Ebay, but be careful. Prices quickly get out of hand (and some of the items I've seen are illegal). Unfortunately, a lot of people are paying much more than the items are really worth.

Is BotP showing anywhere on TV?

Depends on where you live! The UK once again has BotP showing on the Bravo Network. The US is still without, however. Hopefully that will change.

Where can I find the Soundtrack music?

Heh, am I sounding like a broken record? Check out the Galaxy Security page for details on the first official release of the BotP soundtrack EVER!!!!

Why did Cartoon Network change the show?

The Cartoon Network did not change Battle of the Planets. The show "G-Force", which aired from 1996 to 2001 was a reworking of the original Gatchaman first series animation by Fred Lad, done for Turner broadcasting in the mid-80's after Turner bought the rights for the show from Sandy Frank. As a consequence, "G-Force" has different voices, character names and storylines, but still uses the same animation as BotP. Why the name "G-Force" was kept for the name of the team is a mystery. When speaking with Fred Ladd, he said the decision to use that name did not come from him, but from the 'higher-ups'. Talk about confusing!

Do you have and .wav or movie files from the show?

I do not have any .wav or movie files on my site because of the size of the files involved. However, you can find a few on Carolyn's site. Take a look at her downloads page, she updates it regularly.