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Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets

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Intergalactic Federation of Peaceful Planets

Alpha 3:

A penal planet on the edge of the galaxy. It is a desert planet where Earth is but a legend despite the comment made that Earth sends a supply ship every 3 months. Capital is Osiris. The ore 'Seminite' is plentiful enough on the planet that Spectra sets up a secret mining operation. Camels and ancient Egyptian customs are still observed. ("Demons of the Desert")


An all water planet about 50 light years from Ursa Minor. Has a major repair base for the entire Intergalactic Defense Force located there.Aircraft carriers recon the planet on a regular basis. ("The Sea Dragon")


A planet colonized 200 years ago, in the time-line of BotP. It is sometimes called Earth's sister planet, and even has a city called "New Chicago", where a new spaceport is being built. There is a Robot Military. The cities look old, and parts of it run-down, and in the country there are even some castles. The Conway Tape was at one time stored on the planet in the Federation building. ("Curse of the Cuttlefish")


An asteroid that once had on it a Solar Energy Center, which was destroyed by Zoltar. There are magnetic storms and heavy rain at times. ("Victims of the Hawk")


Earth often hosts the meetings of the Intergalactic Federation of Planets, is an exporter of Vitalumous (a substance for renewing tired soil), and is a center of science. There are still many different nations around it's globe. Several countries are still in existence, such as Portugal ("Siege of the Squids"), Egypt and South Africa ("Race Against Disaster"), and the United States ("Attack of the Space Terrapin"), as well as new ones such as Beldania ("Duplicate King"). The Intergalactic Research Laboratory is located on Earth ("The Musical Mummy"). Barracuda Island has on it a maximum security prison ("Prisoners In Space"). On the island of Zereba is what looks to be an airfield ("Spectra Space Spider").

Cities mentioned:

Capital City ("Jupiter Moon Menace")

Center City - has bomb shelters for all citizens. ("Magnetic Attraction")

Excelsior - 5 million people("Mission to Inner Space")

Stellar City ("Spectra Space Spider")


Located near Earth, it has lush forests. Because of its proximity to Earth, Spectra chooses it as a place to put a base, where missiles would be in range of Earth. In "Space Safari Episode #62" Spectra is there long enough to boobytrap an entire forest. It is unclear if G-Force succeeded in routing Spectra's foothold on the planet.


Mir is a planet that seems to have a surface covered by mostly water. Its rumored to have wild seas, and fog is common. Universal Defense and Security has an installation in Mirs largest ocean. Its political climate may be a little turbulent, since in "Ghost Ship of Planet Mir", Brok, a disposed leader of the planet, joins up with Zoltar to get the planet back.



Riga is a planet that seems to be in a ground war with Spectra. The native people are fiercely independent and Spectra is having a difficult time completing their conquest of the planet. Spectra has enough of a toe-hold that it has built bases and uses it as a launching point for attacking Earth. The Rigans are friendly to Earth and the Federation, and Earth has been trying to help it rehabilitate some sections of the planet. It's seas are severely polluted ("Thing with 3000 Eyes"). There is a rebel force fighting the Spectra presence, of which Colonel Cronos is one. The government is mentioned to be very rich, compared to the Earth kingdom of Beldania in terms of wealth ("Duplicate King"). As the series progresses Riga begins to lose the war with Spectra, and in "Attack of the Alien Wasp", it is said to have been decimated.


Supposedly a planet 7-Zark-7 discovers hiding behind Venus and names it after himself. What the natives of the planet call it, I have no idea. ;-) The planet is a lot like earth, and several interesting comments are made about it.

  • Clear Air Turbulence doesn't happen in the atmosphere.
  • The people are immune to colds.

Spectra obviously knows about it, since by the time G-Force arrive, Zoltar is already causing trouble. ("The Space Mummy")


A planet where Earth has established a small Space Colony. It is rather nondescript, with no wealth to speak of, nor in an important strategical position. It has limited defensive capability, though bomb-shelters are provided for the entire population. Most of the colony is located on one side of the planet, though a small air strip with an abandoned tower exist on the other side of the planet. The strip is still in use, while the other side is slowly disintegrating. Zoltar uses this are to position a base for an attack he hopes will lure G-Force into a trap. ("Save the Space Colony")