Hmm, this just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Isn't it wonderful to be overloaded with places to go and information galore??? Please email me with any broken links.

Aleph Press: A site by Alara, with lots of stuff all around, mostly concerning Gatchaman. This woman has written tons of stuff!

Cross Karakoram : As the name implies, this page is dedicated to tales of Galactors and Spectrans

Ang's Gatchaman Links List: A very extensive list of other pages relating to Battle of the Planets, G-Force, Eagle Riders and Gatchaman (any series). What a relief that I don't have to do this now. ;-) Take a look!

Carolyn -Transmute!: Info, opinions and reviews on the various Gatchaman incarnations. Lots of downloads and information on all versions of the series.

Ayako's Vital Statistics: A fun site from a Gatchaman nut from across the pond in Japan. She has some interesting "Production Diaries", which are 'malacious' commentaries on individual Gatchaman episodes. All done in fun and jest, of course! Want a good laugh, hop on over!

Yahoo Gatchaman Club: Search for "Gatchaman". Veronika opened up a Gatchaman Club at Yahoo, where one can post messages, chat live with other fans (requires Java), and look at uploads. Very nice!

Veronika's Gatchaman Page: A great page with lots of screen grabs, episode synopsis of Gatchaman 2 and Fighter, and miscellaneous translations. The graphic on the index page is fantastic! Do yourself a big favor and take a look. :-)
Wendy-Home of the White Shadow: Great all around info on all versions of Gatchaman, from someone who is sometimes referred to as a Gatch Guru. Have a Macintosh? Check out Macigame, one of the most addicting games I have ever played, one with a Gatchaman motif. "Bird Scramble!" An Amateur Press Alliance (APA) dedicated to Gatchaman, BotP, G-Force, and Eagle Riders. It's mailed out 4 times a year and includes fanfiction, art and discussion on all versions. The current editor, Wendy, has information about joining on her web site. Emby and Miya seem to have joined forces, as their work is now all on the same site! Emby has a lot of neat stuff, including a Gatch 'Mary-Sue' test for your fanfic characters. Miya's artwork, and fanfiction.

rec.arts.anime.misc: This is a newsgroup that usually has a few Gatchamaniacs lurking around.

Gatchaman Doom TC: For all those game-people out there, now you can have a Gatch-flavored Doom! Includes plenty of Goons, Zark and Rover and animation sequences.

Pintail's Multimedia BotP Page: Includes original art and fanfics, including fanfics with graphics and soundbites!

Terri-Anne Fan Site : Fansite with a nice amount of fanfic and other related stuff. Read the Fanfic, guys, it's great!!!!

Sally's Fanart page: Another artist in the wings! Sketches and pics of models that have been completed

GFive's Gatchaman Gallery: Just started. So far has some nice fanart
BETA READERS: For those of you looking for a beta reader to look over your fanfic and give sound, constructive advice from fellow fans before letting it go public, here is the place to go. The list includes what each person likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to choose who you think might be best for you. : Gatchaman 94 OAV. An animated sequence of each team member from the series that was taken from a clip from the show. 66 KB. Author: Chuck Lee The file is of the GodPhoenix. The animated cursor is the ship with its thrusters burning. 1 KB. Author: Chuck Lee


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