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Jason, G-2

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No last name is given. Sometimes called 'Jase' for short by Princess. Jason is second-in-command of the G-Force team, and has shown a longing to be the leader ("Magnetic Attraction"), at times coming head to head with Mark and his decisions. He has a temper and is often referred to as a hot-head ("Rage of the Robotoids"), yet he still cares deeply for his fellow teammates. He has the reputation of being one of the best race car drivers on Earth ("Race Against Disaster"), and has competed in many interplanetary racing events. He also is the most likely of the team to be interested in pretty women, but they have an annoying tendency to somehow be affiliated with Spectra ("Race Against Disaster", "Rage of the Robotoids"). Jason operates the weapons of the Phoenix and his vehicle is called the Spacemobile (real imaginative). He is knowledgeable about the defense systems of planets and facilities ("Ghost Ship of Planet Mir", "Prisoners In Space")