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Keyop, G-4

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Keyop, G-4:

No last name is given. He is the youngest on the team, but that doesn't make him any less dangerous than the others as a fighter. He is agile, quick thinking, and at times, something of a smart-mouth. Several times he is mentioned to be laboratory grown specifically for the team. As is mentioned in the Production Notes (found elsewhere in this page), he has a speech impediment that may have been caused by a mistake in his manufacture. He has a fondness for animals and insects, at times bringing them home with him ("Alien Beetles", "A Whale Joins G-Force", "Seals of Sytron"). He gets into trouble often, and sometimes feels the need to prove himself ("Fearful Sea Anemone"). His favorite weapon is a Bolo. His vehicle is called a Star Buggy (in "The Bat-Ray Bombers" it's called a Widget).