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Mark, G-1:

G1No last name is ever given. Mark is often referred to as 'Commander', and is, obviously, Commander of the G-Force team. He has been known to get 'feelings' about trouble coming, leaving one to suspect he has some unrealized mental gifts ("Invasion of Space Center", "The Fierce Flowers, Pt. 2"). He has amazing mimicry abilities, and at one time passed himself off as Zoltar ("Prisoner in Space"). At some time in his past he attended the Space Academy, possibly during his training for the team, and he now rents a shack on a small airfield ("The Sky is Falling"). When not fighting invaders he is a test pilot ("Ace from Outer Space"). He believes his father is missing, until the episode "The Sky is Falling". In that episode we also found out that Colonel Cronus (not his real name) had given Mark to Chief Anderson for safe keeping when Mark was 4 years old. This gives one of the shows few time-frames, indicating that Mark is 18 years old as of this episode. He and Princess have a special fondness for each other, and in one episode he decides not to pursue a relationship with a woman he is attracted to because of "my affection for Princess" ("Defector to Spectra", "Magnetic Attraction"). There is a possibility that he may have a stepmother and half brother (see the description of "Colonel Cronus"). Favorite weapon is a Sonic Boomerang. His plane is called a Summit Jet.G1 PlaneMark in Uniform