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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Read this before sending me a question! I do not have the time to write individual responses to the same question over and over and over...

TV Guide

Just a few interesting pics of our favorite show in TV Guide when it first aired.

TV World Ad

I've never heard of the magazine, but here is a pic of the advertising for BotP when it first aired.

Stuff to Scrounge For

A merchandising list of great BotP stuff to look for, mostly provided by James Long and supplemented by others. Scans provided by G-6, Jack the Hawk.

BotP SFX Article

The U.K. Magazine, SFX, published a tongue-in cheek, and at times off-color, article about 4 'couch potatoes' sitting around a TV watching a few episodes of BotP, MST3000 style. A big THANK YOU to Angela for typing this in and sending it to me.

Red Lobster????

Don't ask me what they mean by that, I have no idea. *Grin* A translation of a French TV Guide article, provided by James Long, with a credit at the end of the article of Robert Cusin (who I assume did the translating). Dated Sept. 21, 1979. Special thanks to Cal for the cartoon.


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