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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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Note: Yahoo took over Egroups, so I'm still updating this section (and yes, I know that was a while ago).

How do I unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe from this list, go to the Yahoo Groups web site, at, and select the "My Groups" link from the menu. From here you can unsubscribe or change your subscription between digest and normal mode. Or you can send a blank email to:

Do I have to unsubscibe if I will be gone for a while?

Nope! First go to the Yahoo Groups web page ( ) and sign in with your email and password. Click on "My Groups" to see a list of all the mailing lists you are subscribed to. From here you can change your email delivery options. There are several choices:

Individual Emails

Daily Digest

No Mail/Web Only

If you want to stop the emails while you are gone for a while, simply change this box to show "No Mail/Web Only". Then, when you get back, just change it back to what it was before!

How do I send email to the list?

To send email to the BotP list you would send email to Mailing List is Moderated. This means all posts to the Mailer must first be approved by the List Moderators.

How can I get in contact with the moderators for a list?

To send email to the moderators of a list, send the message to:

Julieann (

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Can someone subscribe without web access? What are your email commands?

Many members of Yahoo Groups have limited Web access, but still enjoy using our service via email. Even without Web access, you can still join communities, unsubscribe, and switch message delivery options:

* To join send a blank message to

* Unsubscribe, send a blank message to BotP

* Put your email message delivery on hold, send a blank message to BotP

* Change your subscription to daily digest mode send a blank message to BotP

* Change your subscription to individual emails send a blank message to BotP

How big can messages be?

Yahoo Groups limits messages to 500kb in size, to prevent mail bombs. However, because of the e-mail limits of some people on the List, I request that posts above 32K be sent in two or more parts.

Should I use any special headers?

* If the subject changes drastically during the course of a conversation, please change the subject header of the email to show this. For example: If a discussion about "BotP character ages" turns into a discussion about the upbringing of the characters, change the subject line to "BotP character upbringing".

[OT] - If the topic is a little off-topic, please use "OT" in the header, to indicate the message as such.

[FFIC] or [FANFIC] - To indicate a fanfic. Please also put the title of the fanfic in the header also.

[WRITING] - We are allowing discussions on fanfic writing on the list. If anyone wishes to give advice on or about fanfic writing please put [Writing] in the header. Please don't post writing jokes or puns to the list, make this on-topic, to help the fanfic writers here in a constructive and truly helpful way.

I tried sending an email to a mailing list and it never showed up

This could be for several reasons. The list is a restricted list, and the list owner might not have approved your subscription, or for new subscribers, have now approved the post. If you send an email from an email address that is not the same as the one you provided when you registered, the email will be ignored. This is to prevent spamming.

I've stopped receiving emails

Are there emails being sent to the lists you are subscribed to? The first thing to do is to check the list archives to see if there are messages that you have not received. It could be that no one has sent any email to the lists lately.

Where is the Files Section? How do I put something up?

Okay, first, point your browser of choice to:

It may ask you to sign in with your yahoo identity and password, if your browser doesn't have it stored for you.

On the left side of the screen you will see lots of options. Click on "Files".

Or, for a shortcut, go directly to

You will notice things are organized into nice little files. If you are just wanting to see what is in the files section, browse away! There is some neat stuff there.

If you want to upload, however..... Please pick out a folder that would best suite what you are uploading. There are separate files for fanfiction, images, sounds, and a catch-all (Miscellenous). If you are going to be uploading a lot of stuff at once, it would be a good idea to create a folder. You will see this option towards the top. Otherwise, just click "Add File" and then follow the instructions. Once that is complete, simply copy the link directly to the file, or tell the list where to find it and the files name. Thats it!