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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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A remarkable ship, used by G-Force that is able to transmute into the 'Fiery Phoenix" in times of emergency. The transformation is stressful on anyone inside the ship, but in this form it is almost invincible. Each member of G-Force (except Tiny, who pilots the main ship) has a personal vehicle that docks with the Phoenix. Mark and his Summit Jet dock at the rear, the tail of his plane forming the third tail fin of the Phoenix. Jason in his Spacemobile docks in the nose. Princess and her Galacticycle dock in the pod at the end of the left wing and Keyop and his Space Buggy dock in the pod at the right end of the wing. The Phoenix is equipped with missiles (what they are called depends on the episode) and an array of sensors, scanners, and communication equipment. In "Rescue of the Astronauts", it has a Sick Bay. It is capable of interplanetary space flights and travels using a phenomenon called "Time-warp".

Phoenix LaunchEquipment:

Fog lights ("Ghost Ship of Planet Mir")

'Time Bypass Converter', which enables it to fly to the planet Riga in an hour. ("The Thing With 1000 Eyes")

Infrascanner ("Ghost Ship of Planet Mir")

Special Note: The Phoenix, of all things, actually has its own little fan-base. It's as if it has a personality of its own, and we love it!