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Planets Galore

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Some of the planets mentioned during the course of the show. Not all of them were shown, many were only mentioned. This listing is for planets that are not apart of Spectra (that we know of) but that have either worked for or with Spectra or who are threats to the Federation all on their own.


Nothing really is said about the planet. Commander Typhon is an exile from the planet, who enlists Zoltars help in defeating his rival opponants in exchange for a weapon. It is unknown if Zoltars intervention was successful. ("The Jupiter Moon Menace")


A hot desert planet who's inhabitants seem to like ants. In the past has been a source of trouble for the Federation, but has been quiet for some time. ("A Swarm of Robot Ants")


What we see of the planet is barrren, with lots of volcanic activity. An asteroid containing a very rare and very strong metal is captured by the planets gravity and is used by Captain Doom for weapons. ("Ace From Outer Space")