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Princess, G-3:

No last name is given. Princess is an orphan, and in "Peril of the Pyramids", she indicates she remembers when it happened. She is smart, capable, and accomplished in a number of sciences. She is more than able to hold her own in a fight. She is able to pilot the Phoenix ("Beast with a Sweet Tooth"), is known to bring along little gadgets that may help them on their missions ("Silent City"), and is often chosen by Mark to accompany him on missions ("Attack of the Space Terrapin", "Secret Island", "Race Against Disaster", "Conway Tape Tap"). She at one time studied meditation in the Himalayas ("Charioteers of Changu"), and has also studied Spectra on her own. In "Prisoners of Space" she had amassed many Spectran voices on tape recorder. Princess has an emotional attachment to Mark, that he acknowledges. Her favorite weapon is a specialized yo-yo and excels at placing small bombs in Spectra bases for optimal effect ("Curse of the Cuttlefish", "Attack of the Space Terrapin", "Perilous Pleasure Cruise"). Her motorcycle is called a Galacticycle.