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A planet in the Crab Nebula (which gives rise to the question as to why they are always referred to them as "alien invaders from another galaxy") that has two suns shining on it ("Raid of the Space Octopus"), and has at least 2 small moons in orbit around it ("The Fierce Flowers"). Spectra is a dying planet with all it's natural resources used up, and wishes to conquer Earth so that it can drain it's abundant resources to replenish itself. It is having an energy crisis, and is still using a substance called Plutonium X, that all other planets in the galaxy have stopped using and producing because of it's extremely high radioactivity ("The Space Mummy"). They have covert mining operations on several planets to supply itself with the materials it needs for it's weapons. There is a Neutron Force Field protecting the planet, a field that the Phoenix is able to power through ("Curse of the Cuttlefish"). Through the series they make alliances with planets, mercenaries, pirates, and disposed planetary leaders, in its efforts to conquer Earth.

Stealing scientific break-throughs is a common goal, as are the Conway Tapes that hold all the defense codes of every planet in the Federation. Federation scientists are a favorite target for kidnapping and Spectra commonly uses kidnapping as a way to blackmail those who are not so eager to join their side ("Rage of the Robotoids", "Cupid Does it to Keyop", "Defector to Spectra"). They have several unique fighting groups of their own, including the Black Hawks and the Galaxy Girls (all female). Spectra controls several planets, some of which are slave planets, and along with this, operate an intergalactic slave ring. In the episode "Museum of Mystery" it is said that Zoltars men are slaves to his will, indicating that there is a type of mind control used on the populace of Spectra (perhaps like what was used on the city in "Duplicate King".) Their science is highly advanced and they excel at robot and android technology.

The planet seems to have several chemical elements that are peculiar to it only, since many times Chief Anderson is able to trace the culprit in many crimes by analyzing pieces of mecha or robots. The Fierce Flowers are said to come from Spectra, possibly living in the swamps where they are kept in control by the environment, but in Earths environment, they seemed to like humans. The fact that so many of their battle ships are built in the fashion of animals may give a clue to superstitions or the religion of Spectra. There are instances that give rise to the idea that Spectra may have a highly sexist society ("Curse of the Cuttlefish").

Omeg 2:

A small uninhabited planet in the Crab Nebula that is under Spectra control. Looks to have grasslands and dead or dormant volcano's .("Space Rocket Escort")