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Battle of the Planet Merchandise


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Thanks to the generosity of several people, I now have pictures of some of the items listed below. Just click on the link.


Comic books no. 1-10 (Western Publishing Company)
Annual (UK only) (World International Publishing LTD.)
Comic Book Special (UK only)
Comic Book (France and Saudi Arabia only)
Comic Book "Strijd der Planeten" (Netherlands Only) (Junior Press b.v.-Bussum, 1980, licensed by Kortekaas Merchandising) Provided by Wendy and Cal. Thanks!



Drama Record (France only) (Le Petit Menestrel - 10.514)
Theme single (France only) (Le Petit Menestrel - 11.003)
Drama single (France only) (Le Petit Menestrel - ALB-192)



Picwick Video, LTD:

Battle of the Planets Vol. 1 - Attack of the Space Terrapin/Mad New Ruler of Spectra (UK only) (Picwick Video, LTD.)

Battle of the Planets Vol 2 - Peril of the Preying Mantis/Giant From Planet Zyr (UK only) (Picwick Video, LTD.)

Battle of the Planets Vol. 3 - Jupiter Moon Menace/Secret Island (UK only) (Picwick Video, LTD.)

Battle of the Planets Vol. 4 - Siege of the Squid/The Seals of Sytron (UK only) (Picwick Video, LTD.)

Longman Video (UK Only, Thanks Singe!):

1 - LGVH4005 - Attack of the Space Terrapin, Mad New Ruler of Spectra, Peril of the Praying Mantis, Giant from Planet Zyr

2 - LGVH4006 - Fastest Gun in the Galaxy, The Thing with 1000 Eyes, Keyop does it all, The Great Brain Robbery

3 - LGVH4007 - Ghost Ship of Planet Mir, Big Robot Gold Grab, Rescue of the Astronauts, A Whale Joins G-Force

4 - LGVG4008 - Rage of the Robotoids, Defector to Spectra, The Bat Ray Bombers, Race Against Disaster

5 - LGVH4009 - A Swarm of Robot Ants, The Ghostly Grasshopper, Attack of the Alien Wasp, Space Spider

6 - LGVH4010 - Zoltar Strikes Out, Museum of Mystery, Island of Fear, The Galaxy Girls

7 - LGVH4011 - The Jupiter Moon Menace, Secret Island, Siege of the Squids, The Seals of Sytron

8 - LGVH4012 - Curse of the Cuttlefish (double episode), Peaks of Planet Odin, Victims of the Hawk


Projector Ray Gun (Gordy International)
Signal Ray Gun (Gordy International)
Water Gun (Gordy International)
Pinball Game (Gordy International)
Wind 'n Shoot Flying Space Spinners (Gordy International)
Mission Control Radio Set (Gordy International)
Magic Slate (Western Publishing Company)
Board Game (Milton Bradley)
Eagle Sharp (Bandai America)
God Phoenix (Bandai America)
Intercom Set (UK only) (Merit)
Sky Plane {Eagle Sharp} (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
Sky Car {Condor Attacker} (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
Motosky{Auto Swan} (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
Helisky {Swallow Helico} (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
Sky Tank {Hound Tank} (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
New God Phoenix (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
Gatcha Spartan (Italy and UK only) (Popy)
7-Zark-7/1-Rover-1 Figures (Spain only) (Colecciones Jecsan)
Mark figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
Jason figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
Princess figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
Keyop figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
Tiny figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
8" Mark figure (France only) (Ceji Arabois)
Mark figure(Germany only) (Civas)
Jason figure (Germany only) (Civas)
Princess figure (Germany only) (Civas)
Keyop figure (Germany only) (Civas)
Tiny figure (Germany only) (Civas)
5-figure set (Germany only) (Civas)
Mark figure (Sweden only)
Jason figure (Sweden only)
Princess figure (Sweden only)
Keyop figure (Sweden only)
Tiny figure (Sweden only)
5-figure set (Sweden only)
Mark Bendable Rubber Figure (France only)
Jason Bendable Rubber Figure (France only)
Princess Bendable Rubber Figure (France only)
Keyop Bendable Rubber Figure (France only)
Tiny Bendable Rubber Figure (France only)



G-1 (Entex)
The Phoenix (Entex)
G-1 SP (Entex)
The Phoenix (Entex)
Space Station (Entex)



Collage Poster (R Associates)



Pajamas (Sullcraft Pajamas)



12-piece Puzzle (Western Publishing Company - 4512-2A)



Lunch Box (Thermos)
Poster Pen Set (Crafthouse Corporation)
Coloring Book (Western Publishing Company)
View-Master Reels (UK only) (View-Master)
Taffy {3 flavors} (UK only) (Goodies)
Magnet-mounted Mark Figure (West Germany only) (Magneto)
Label Stickers (France only) (Libellia)
Trading Cards (Cards, and card wrapper) (Spain and Costa Rica only) (Editorial Fher)