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Telnetting and Telnet Clients

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Gatchamaniac Gathering Talker

A telnet talker is a way for people to talk in real time. Basically, a program resides in a separate computer (server), and everyone hooks up to that computer. The program then spits out to everyone whatever anyone else is saying. It is similar to IRC, but the commands are different. And with telnetting, you are able to do some things that I have not seen on IRC. This is Telnet, not IRC (and no Java required!). The two are not interchangeable.

The port number is extreemly important. It tells your telnet client where to find the talker on the server. As a suggestion, use a monospaced font in your telnet client, since only these will display the ascii art and map correctly. Examples of good fonts to use: Monoco and Courier.

A Mud or Mush client is preferable, since these usually have a separate box or window for typing in text. This gives the person the opportunity to review, correct, or alter any of their comments before sending it to the Talker. The telnet client that comes with Window 95/98 is a bare-bones affair, where you type in the same window all the text from the talker comes in. That can get very confusing very very fast. :-) From what I'm reading, TinyFugue and zMud are very good for Windows machines and Muddweller and Rapscallion for Macs.

Recommended telnet clients:

Macintosh: MS-Windows OS/2 Linux

MUDDweller (freeware)

RoAClient - (free) Windows 199x and 2001. Windows 95/98/NT/2000


KMud - Linux, UNIX
Rapscallion (shareware)
Ewan - Windows 3.1
SClient - X Windows, Linux
Savitar - Mud client
TinyFugue - UNIX, OS/2, WIN32, Rhapsody, BeOS
MCL - Linux, xterm, UNIX
Better Telnet - no seperate text box
zMUD - Windows 95
  Mud Master: (free) NT, 32bit mud    
  Muck Client (free): Windows v3.1*/95/98/ME/NT4/Win2000/XP    

This page has a listing of all sorts of clients:

Here's another web site with many different clients listed for all sorts of platforms. Choose Frames or No Frames:

For connecting with a PC, well, I'll let others explain it since I don't have a PC.

This from Alara (Yes, the Alara who wrote AITE, the novel): "Telnet from your slip account using a telnet client. Even if you do not have a Unix shell to call your own, a telnet client will allow you to telnet from a slip/ppp-type account. What you'd need to do is find the dialogue for "Connect to Host" and put in the hostname.That should work. The only telnet client I know of is Procomm Plus for Windows (3 or 4 are term emulators and telnet clients), ZOC for OS/2, and also OS/2 has a native telnet.... If you are on a Unix account you do not need a separate telnet client. Just type "telnet" and the address at the prompt."

This from Ennien (ditto): "Telnet clients available for Windows 3.1 include Ewan and Commnet. Win '95 has a built-in telnet client that I don't know a lot about. If you've access to a Unix shell, you can use telnet merely by typing telnet " 5050" (no parenthesis) at the prompt, or you may also use tiny-fugue in a similar fashion."

From Harlock: "EWAN is simple! Go to the telnet/ewan icon and hit it (figuratively) at name distinction type in Gatchamaniac Gathering at addy "" (no parenthesis) at port - hit the custom circle then type 5050 in the little box. now hit ok! you should get a listing of all the telnets addy's you have up... double click on the CN one and away.. you go!!!......I know there are lots of AOL users out there...... but you can download EWAN and it will work with AOL... Look in the area where you can download shareware.. and ask for EWAN or Telnet programs. It's a download that all you do is give it the command to run.. and it will load up on it's own and provide a seperate icon on your main screen. In order to use it, you must be signed on AOL first, and get back to the main screen you have and click on the ewan icon."