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Talker Commands

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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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Gatchamaniac Gathering Talker

When you first hook up you will get a prompt for a name. This can be anything. This will be the name that everyone else in the talker will see. If the talker doesn't seem to want to accept your name, that usually means that someone else has already reserved that for themselves. Just pick another name. Then you will be asked for a password. This, also, can be anything. The password keeps anyone else from using your chosen name. Remember your Password! You will then be taken into the front room of the talker. There are many rooms to the talker, in which you can go to have private conversations.

All commands begin with a period ".". To find out what commands are available to you, type .help. To find out what each individual command does, type .help (name of the command). Some common commands that are used a lot:



; - (this is a keyboard shortcut)

Will allow you to type in an action with your name at the front. An example:

Type in:


What will appear in the talker window:

Julieann says: Hello!

Type in:

; looks around the room.

What will appear in the talker window:

Julieann looks around the room.

.tell (name) (message)

This will allow you to send a private message to anyone in the room. Be careful about 'dropped' tells, though! That can get embarrassing. :-)


Will show you what rooms are in the talker and how they are connected. Some rooms you can enter only from certain rooms.

.go (name of room)

Allows you to journey from one room of the talker to another.


Will tell you the name of everyone who is on the talker and what room they are in.

+ (sentence)

Will allow a sentence to be displayed without your name in front of it.


Will allow you to read all the messages on the message board of the room you are in.


Allows you to read the .news, which contains anything new with the talker or special notes


Allows you to write a suggestion to the suggestion board for ideas for Talker improvement.


Will allow you to write a message to the message board of the room you are in.


Allows you to place a description to the end of your name which people would see if they do a .who or .examine


Allows you to read the suggestion board to see what others have suggested.


When you get a little experience and time on the talker, you might want to set some preferences with this command. This command by itself will display what the preferences are set to.

These are items specifically for this talker:


A game where you must guess all the letters of a word before you are hanged! This has been customized to reflect our common interest! Everyone say 'thanks!' to Jason for doing this! Watch out, he got really obscure with the clues!!!! To start the game, type '.hangman start'. To guess the letters, type, '.guess 'letter''.

NOTE: the "_" character is a frequently used spacer for two and three word clues.

Socials: These are shortcuts to be used for greetings, goodbyes, or just plain having fun. These can be used by themselves, or with a name



Julieann runs around the room giving everyone a great big bear hug!

.hug Hooty

Julieann gives Hooty a great big bear hug!

Socials available: Try these to see what they do! Have fun!

.think .sing .birdmissile .boomerang
.cablegun .dance .feather .fish
.giggle .hug .kiss .noogie
.pth .shadow .shower .shuriken
.slap .squid .tackle .teddy
.whistle .wink .wrap .yell


Use this social for leaving the talker with a bit of flare, which can be used instead of the .quit command. Once you see it you will realize that yes, we are all rather pathetic in this fandom. ;-D