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Telnet Connections

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Bribing your computer into running a telnet client in 18 easy steps :-)

Gatchamaniac Gathering Talker Clients

1) Download ROAClient from It's free, it's short, it's worth it :-) Note: Win 95 users should NOT download the latest 4.2 version, for troubles had been reported regarding the compatibility of the latest version and Win 95. Choose the older 4.1 instead.

2) After having downloaded the file, click twice on it in order to start the installation (ok, I know that all of you know at least how to make a file .exe work, but I prefer to be overly zealous ;-D)

3) The installation is completely authomatic, so don't touch anything :-)

4) After the installation is complete, a window will appear of your desktop. It contains two icons. Click on ROAClient to start your program.

5) You'll be requested to enter a new profile name: choose the one you prefer :-)

6) A black, big window will appear in front of you, but apart from this nothing else happens. Stay calm (swear a bit, if you wish, I know I did it before figuring out what the hell was happening ;-D)

7) Click on "Options", and then on "Config..."

8) Scary window the one appearing in front of you, isn't it? Don't worry. You'll not need to interact with all those features, only with a few of them.

9) In the bottom-left part of this scary window, there is a square called "Server Information", and two blank spaces where you can type.

10) In the first one (Called ROAServer IP Address) type

11) In the second one (Called Port) type 7800

12) On the User Information section, you can type your username and (if you wish) a password.

13) Click on "OK" button to have your settings saved.

14) Ahhh, the big black window again! :-))) If you are not online yet, well, this is the moment to activate your Internet connection.

15) Click once on the big green "M" and wait a few seconds. The "M" will turn red and you'll notice you joined Center Neptune (you cannot miss it: Julieann made sure the entrance was VERY evident ;-D)

16) You'll be asked for a name and a password. Note: this is not necessarily the user name you choosed for your ROA program. This is simply the name that will be displayed to the others during the gatherings. The password is there to make sure you'll be the only one using this name. Choose the one you prefer... and be sure to remember it later, or you'll have to choose another name :-)

17) Confirm the password and... voil–! Welcome to the party :-)))

18) Next time you connect, skip steps from 1 to 14 and go ahead for the big green "M" button: the program will be already set for you to join Center Neptune.

Ok, now I brought you here, what next? Simply typing text in the bottom line and pressing "enter" on your keyboard will allow you to interact with the persons present in the room (read: talk to them). It will take a bit of time for you to learn all the features of Center Neptune, and the easiest way to do so is with the help of people already present there.

So, my last advise is: ask, ask, ask. Don't feel ashamed of making questions, all of us had been newbies, some of us are still learning and we'll be extremely glad to help you figuring out all the features that Julieann put up there :-)