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Tiny Harper, G-5

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The only one of the team that is given a last name. Tiny is the pilot of the Phoenix and is often left behind with the ship while the others go out on missions. He is an excellent pilot who can make the Phoenix do just about anything. He has a habit of falling asleep on the job, a habit that one time gets him put on suspension ("The Bat-Ray Bombers"). He is easy going and sometimes a little slow, but very lovable with a big heart. He originally comes from a small fishing village, and is adept at scuba diving ("The Bat-Ray Bombers"). At one time he was in the South Sea where a girl once did a hula just for him ("Big Robot Gold Grab"). He's a sucker for pretty girls ("Super Space Spies"), and in "Raid on Riga" has a girlfriend named Alice. He is always promising to go on a diet, but never seems to follow through, consuming massive quantities of his favorite food, Spaceburgers. In "The Bat-Ray Bombers", Tommy, who is a friend, knows that Tiny is with G-Force (perhaps meaning Tommy knows he's with the program).