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Birdstyle Technology

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NOTE: Information on this web site treats BotP as a sepearate entity from Gatchaman or G-Force, put together from notes taken while watching the show, so all blame rests solely on me.
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One BotP nut's personal idea on how the Birdstyles of the G-Force team MIGHT work (to be taken with a grain of salt.):

The bracelet (watch, com, whatever..) has many uses, being used as a sensor ("The Awesome Ray Force"), a communications radio, or to activate their battlesuits (usually referred to by fans as Birdstyles). The Birdstyle is activated by the word "Transmute!". Every bracelet is pre-programmed with a specific suit, tailor made for each member. A controller in the bracelet sends a surge of energy at the right frequency through a transformation crystal, triggering the clothing to start shifting and changing. The same civilian clothes were needed because they possessed enough mass and the correct mixture of chemicals and basic elements needed by the completed birdstyles (thus explaining why they wear the same clothing constantly).

The surface of the birdstyle in the air is like the skin of a dolphin in the water (in a way scientists are still researching), in that it actually speeds up the air flowing over it, giving it more lift than possible with an airplane wing of the same size, enabling the smaller wings to support the weight of an adult human while gliding. This same Birdstyle surface enables the members of G-Force to move and run faster and leap farther than a normal human because of practically no surface resistance.

It is said of the team that they possess 'cerebonic powers', and judging from the dog Orion ("Orion, Wonder Dog of Space") who is said to have an implant similar to theirs, that the team also have implants. The implants give them increased strength, agility and endurance, possibly by working with the adrenal system and other natural chemical to boost the body. From this I also formed the idea that the implants, by picking up specific brain waves could give them the power to control the birdstyles, especially the wings, telling them when to go limp, move, and stiffen (working like an involuntary muscle).

The Birdstyle change is kept in effect by a special field emanating from the bracelet. The transmutation is unstable, and without this field, the molecules would revert back to their original form (like Princess's birdstyle in"Spectra Space Spider", to name one). The Phoenix exerts a similar field, enabling a member to remove the bracelet and still not revert back (this is seen several times, a bracelet is taken off and placed in a console on the Phoenix, when tracking another member using the ship's tracking equipment). Zoltar, in one episode, learns a way to interrupt this field, to revert first Jason, and then Mark back into civilian clothing ("The Awesome Ray Force"). Clothing can also 'remember' the birdstyle, as did Princess's shoe in "Museum of Mystery".

The transformation of the G-Force vehicles can also be explained by this, perhaps the vehicles exerting their own field that the bracelet is able to turn on and off.

NOTE: This idea could be used for Gatchaman with a few minor changes, accounting for the fact that none of the Gatchaman Team had cerebonic powers (Joe being an android later in the series doesn't count ;-) ).